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In order to make the working conditions and the experiment processes in a laboratory atmosphere easier, the Flour Testing Device and Dough Testing Device are gathered together into this set. These devices that were integrated into one body to provide the working process with many advantages in laboratory atmosphere. 

Flour Testing Section is used for determining the resistance during the mixing against to the mixing arms depending on the flour quality by time of mixing process. Obtained curves are saved to the own industrial embedded touchscreen PC of the device. The device is controlled directly by it's own industrial embedded touchscreen PC.  Flour Testing Section gives similar results as Farinograph. All rheological properties of the flour samples are measured, calculated and saved to this PC.

Flour Testing Section can be determine:

- Water Absorption Capacity (%)

- Dough Development Time (minutes)

- Dough Stability (minutes)

- Softening Degree (10th, 12th, 20th)

- Flour Quality Coefficient (FQC)

The dough samples, which prepared on the Flour Testing Section of the device with a 300 g kneader according to the standard analysis procedure and pieces weighed 150 g, will be stretched special hooks of the equipment on 45, 90 and 135 minutes respectively on the Dough Testing Section.
 Dough Testing Section gives similar results as Extensograph. Obtained curves are evaluated with a special software of the device and it provides the determination of the quality of the dough samples. Also the Dough Testing Section is controlled directly by industrial embedded touchscreen PC. Dough rolling and shaping mechanisms and dough stretching mechanism are controlled directly from the PC. All rheological properties of the dough samples are measured, calculated and saved to this PC.

Dough Testing Section can be determine:

- Resistance of the 5th minute ( R5)

- Maximum resistance (Rmax)

- Elasticity (mm)

- Energy (cm2)

- Ratio Max.

- Ratio

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