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YUCEBAS MACHINERY WET WHEAT GRINDING MACHINE consists of two sections. The first section is the right side (breaking side) of the machine and composed of two collecting reservoir. The second side, the left side has single collecting reservoir. The mill is designed from the ease of operation and follow-up, occupation of minimum space at the laboratories. The cleaning, maintenance and the assembly / disassembly of the rollers, and the control could be done easily by hand. The rollers are hardened up to 50-55 HRC. The breaking and smooth reduction rollers are manufactured by using special tools to the 0% error from the special steel material. One of the other properties of the machine is the usage of the inert material during the production. The flour (B1-B2-B3, C1-C2-C3), coarse and fine bran are received from 6 channels through the 3 breaking rollers and 2 reduction rollers with 160 μ  - 800 μ  - 160 μ  sieves respectively. YM1 Wet Wheat Grinding Machine gives similar results as CD1 Mill. The mill provides the determination of the yield of the milling plants as well.


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