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« Geri    DIASTOGRAPH - Y37

Yucebas Machinery Diastograph determines the gelatinization properties and enzyme activity of flour, whole flour meal, rice flour, maize, rye and barley etc. Diastograph gives similar results as Amylograph and Viscoamylograph. The working principle of the instrument is that a suspension of flour and distilled water is heated with a constant rate 1.5 °C/min with the rotating bowl where the strength against the mixing is measured considering the viscous characteristics of the sample.

The Diastograph can control directly from its embedded touchscreen industrial panel PC. The device equipped with two step motors to control the mixing bowl and mixing head. The temperature control of the device can adjust and follow from its software. 
The Diastograph can determine following parameters:

- Maximum gelatinization

- Viscosity in the beginning

- The temperature of the beginning of gelatinization

- Hot / Cold phase viscosity

- The temperature of gelatinization

With user friendly software interface of Diastograph, it's possible to work with different kind of samples such as starches, modified starches with modifications on heating/cooling rate and mixing bowl speed by operator depending on applications.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (H x D x W): (840 mm x 650 mm x 500 mm)

Energy                         : 220 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz

Weight                         : 72 Kg

Mixing bowl capacity     : 550 ml

Mixing bowl speed        : 75 min-1 as a standard, adjustable 0 - 300 min-1

Heating Rate                 : 1.5°C/min as standard, adjustable 0.1 - 3.0°C/min

*Optional Cooling System with Cooling Rate: 0.5 - 3.0°C/min

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